As the founder and owner of Michigan Xtreme, its been a pleasure to bring elite level training to those not only in a West Michigan but thorough out the Midwest for two decades!

Camp Bennett has created two unique models to help parents of wrestlers and club organizations that provide training with an opportunity to be a member of one of the following programs or both:

  1. The Xtreme Alliance Program
  2. The Michigan Xtreme Club Program

The Xtreme Alliance program is for both the “parent seeking the best fit training opportunity” and the area clubs offering training opportunities.  Finding the right place to train for at the right time, place, coaching and age/size/level, partner appropriate program is different for each wrestler.  Contact Camp Bennett if you need help directing you to the right place and if you are a club/training facility contact us to be included in the Alliance Program Members.  We currently have 2 Xtreme Alliance Program Members:

  1. “The Center” in Coopersville with Travis Piccard
  2. GRWA (Grand Rapids Wrestling Academy) in Grand Rapids with Kyle Waldo

Camp Bennett also offers Michigan Xtreme Club extension/start up support program opportunities.

Camp Bennett Enterprise, LLC created a travel team and an intensive program called Michigan Xtreme! Mostly recently, Camp Bennett is seeking other clubs through out the State of Michigan to utilizes the Michigan Xtreme system, brand and name to help grow and develop more interest in the sport for its developmental levels.  Camp Bennett is now offering a higher level program for Serious Wrestlers Only (SWO) to help the most motivated wrestlers pursue state and national championships through its Xtreme Elite program!  We currently have one extended Michigan Xtreme Club in Middleville extended to Chris Poland.  All MX Clubs are independently owned and operated.   If you are interested in setting up a Michigan Xtreme club in your area, please send your letter of interest to us at campbennettenterprises@gmail.com.

WE currently have 1 Michigan Xtreme extension club:

  1. Michigan Xtreme in Middleville with Chris Poland