About Us


Xtreme welcomes you to one of the finest training dedicated to the sport of wrestling. If you would like to be a national caliber competitor or want to prepare for your dream of winning a high school State Championship, Xtreme’s school of wrestling is designed to enhance your participation with your club or school programs and assist in your preparation for high level competitive wrestling. Xtreme has designed a program for wrestlers at any level.


Xtreme is committed to the training, teaching, and mentoring of its students in order to reach the highest level of individual success and excellence in the sport of wrestling.


The vision of Xtreme and its students is to develop a mentality which attributes to success in the sport of wrestling and life. This plan is one that will evolve over time and continue to raise the level of wrestling for many years to come.


The goal of Xtreme is to instill in each student, not only the highest level of technique and confidence, but also to provide the most competitive environment that elevates the driven wrestler to achieve success at any level of wrestling.

Train with the best…to be the best!