Individual Lessons

Individual lessons are offered to currently enrolled students as well as non-members.

Ages 4-19

LOCATION:  We come to you!  Make arrangements for use of a facility near you or in your home. WE WILL COME TO YOU!

Coach Bennett and other Xtreme Certified Coaches are available for personalized individual lessons. This personalized instruction provides supplemental training outside of the core classes at Xtreme.

Individual lessons are an additional training tool for a student and Xtreme instructor to work outside of class on technique, conditioning, and/or match strategy that is essential to a student’s technical development. For example, riding/pinning, escapes/reversals, leg attacks, short offense, and leg defense are a few of many areas for specialized skill development. Individual lessons can be especially beneficial, for students that would like to improve their confidence and competitive mindset through personalized instruction.

A student is encouraged to prepare for participation in individual lessons by deciding the area of concentration for skill development before the beginning of personalized lessons.

 Xtreme instructors can then create a detailed and personalized plan to accelerate and enhance the student’s development based on the student’s goals. Likewise, for a student that does not have a specific training goal in mind, an Xtreme Instructor will develop a personalized lesson plan around high level scoring techniques that is specifically tailored to compliment a student’s style of wrestling.

Types of lessons:

  • One-on-One: 1 hour session
  • Small Group Lessons: 1 hour session up to 4 students
  • Video Analysis: 1 hour session


  • $40.00 per 1 hour session
  • Make payment to Camp Bennett via check or online prior to the lesson
  • Complete an online waiver via website’s APPLY NOW section
  • Online payments available via website’s PAY NOW section

Call Director Tom Bennett to schedule a lesson:

  • By Appointment only.
  • Email or call Tom to set up your individual lessons
  • Email:  campbennettenterprises@gmail.com or call with questions or more information: 616-901-9060