“My son currently has a 19-3 varsity record with 15 pins, he seems to have turned the corner and credits your camp for his “new attitude and approach” to the sport. He’s very focused and can’t wait to attend another camp this spring/summer.”

“I just wanted to say thanks for letting my son wrestle for you on Sunday. He had a good time and winning in the final match when the team absolutely needed it really made his day (and mine also). I think that will give him a lot of confidence going into the MYWAY season. If you have anymore duals where you need him just let me know. Thanks again.”

“Thanks for letting my son wrestle in the duals yesterday. He had alot of fun, even though he had some tough matches. We both agree he has a lot of work to do to get ready for his next one, not bad for a 4th grader. Please call us anytime you need us to wrestle again we will be training.”Thanks again.”

“Hey, it was a great day for my son! Things didn’t go the way he/we wanted, but his eyes were opened and we both know it’s time to pick-up the pace! He was up and ready this morning. He went to the high school practice at 9:00 and worked hard. The tournament was major motivation to start working. I was going to let him sleep in after a day like that, but you can’t beat the good guys unless you out-work them! He beat them this morning. I’m really proud of his attitude. Thanks again for all you have done for my boys.”

“Awesome camp, my son was very tired from that weekend. He said he would go to another in a second if you thought he could handle it. It was very nice to meet coaching staff, class individuals. Thanks again for everything and allowing my son the opportunity to improve in something he enjoys very much.”

“Thanks for the meeting. He is ready to take the next step. It is going to take a lot of work but I think he is up for it!”

“Great workout last night, I appreciate the opportunity and plan on the boys attending on a regular basis. The boys will split time for some camps in the summer between your place and others. They really liked the tempo of the practice last night. Thank You.”

“Coach, just thought I would drop you a line and say thanks for all the help these few past weeks at the center! It paid off this weekend and I appreciate it greatly. And if you didn’t notice I held up my end of the bargain….I ran out in the finals in the gold MI Xtream sweat shirt. My coaches asked me why I wasn’t wearing my school shirt when I was about to run out there and I told them it was something I just had to do. Well thanks again for all your help in the past few weeks and for having a great place for wrestlers to train!”

“Coach, my son wrestled yesterday and did well. He ended up second and got beat by a pretty good kid. He was really aggressive going after takedowns. The kid didn’t know what hit him. I know you have been working on that with the boys. The more offensive he is the better he does. FYI..he was a little upset after the match but got over it quickly. He handled it a lot better than last week. He realizes this is practice and he needs to learn from each match. He will get that kid the next time he wrestles him. Thanks for all your help!”

“Thank you for allowing the opportunity for my son to train at your new training facility, he enjoyed it and as always enjoyed the quality instruction and wrestlers. You have a great thing going over there and I hope for him to be part of any upcoming weekend camp’s.”